Cape Fear Moving Forward 2045

Cape Fear Moving Forward 2045 will be the plan used by federal, state, and local governments to guide transportation projects in our region over the next 25 years. The creation of this plan is required to secure federal transportation dollars for our region. Cape Fear Moving Forward 2045 replaced the previous plan, Cape Fear Transportation 2040.

The plan includes an evaluation of potential aviation, bicycle and pedestrian, ferry and water transportation, freight and freight rail, public transportation, and roadway projects to meet the needs of the region.

Cape Fear Moving Forward 2045 was developed with extensive public input. The final plan is available was adopted by the WMPO board on November 18, 2020.

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Check out an interactive story map to view the plan’s project and policy recommendations here:

Interactive Story Map

Cape Fear Navigating Change 2050 will update this plan in 2025.

Questions? If you have any questions about the plan, please contact Abby Lorenzo at or by calling 910-341-7890.

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