Get to Know WMPO

Get To Know WMPO

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is the regional transportation planning agency for the lower Cape Fear region of southeastern North Carolina. The WMPO facilitates a cooperative, comprehensive, and continuing transportation planning process that serves as the basis for the expenditure of all federal transportation funds in the area for streets, highways, bridges, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

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  • Prioritization 6.0

    The project submittal window for Prioritization 6.0 is scheduled to open October 1, 2019 through May 1, 2020. The WMPO will refer to the currently adopted MTP, Cape Fear Transportation 2040, as well as coordinate with project partners and NCDOT Division 3, to select projects for submission. The WMPO is eligible to submit up to 19 projects per transportation mode. Once the project submittal window has ended, the next steps taken by NCDOT are to score all projects and program the highest scoring and eligible projects for money at the statewide tier. To learn more about the Prioritization 6.0 process, visit NCDOT’s 2023-2032 STIP Development page.

  • 2020-2029 STIP

    In September the NCDOT Board of Transportation adopted the 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Plan. This plan is the result of efforts by NCDOT, MPO’s, and RPO’s from across North Carolina, to prioritize project through Prioritization 5.0. The document consists of over 1,700 transportation projects across North Carolina. To learn more about the 2020-2029 STIP process, visit the NCDOT’s 2020-2029 STIP Development page.


    The greater Wilmington area is consistently ranked among the most dangerous regions in NC for bike/ped safety based on collisions with motor vehicles. Drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians must be vigilant and on the lookout for one another. The Be A Looker campaign is a movement to encourage users of all modes of transportation to keep each other safe on the roadway by being smart and considerate of everyone who walks and bikes. Take the Be A Looker pledge and make a commitment to embrace bicycling and walking as legitimate modes of transportation and to educates yourself on rules of the road. Take the pledge and learn more at

  • Sep 30 2020

  • MPO Board Meeting

    The Wilmington Urban Area MPO Board’s next meeting is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on November 18th unless otherwise noted. For details, click here a week before the meeting and scroll to the agenda for the meeting date.

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Traffic Count Map

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization collects traffic counts on an annual basis. This map identifies locations and traffic count data for the WMPO planning area.


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Map of Average Daily Traffic counts from locations throughout Wilmington, NC

Latest Transportation Projects

Wilmington Citywide Signal System Upgrade (U-6199)

This project will upgrade the City of Wilmington’s citywide signal system.

Gordon Road Widening (U-6202)

This project will widen Gordon Road to four lanes between Market Street (US17 Business) and I-40.

US76/Oleander Drive & Greenville Loop Road/Greenville Avenue Intersection Upgrade (U-6128)

This project includes dual lefts at the intersection of US76/Oleander Drive and Greenville Loop Road/Greenville Avenue.