Surface Transportation Block Grant – Direct Attributable: 

Project Submittal Guide (FY2017)
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Project Submittal Guide (FY2017)

Funding Request Submittal Form (FY2017)



In December 2015, Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act was signed into law. The FAST Act amended the Surface Transportation Program – Direct Attributable (STP-DA) and changed the program to the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBG). A percentage of the State’s apportionment is to be obligated directly to the MPOs whose population is over 200,000. The WMPO became eligible to receive these funds after the 2010 census.

For more information on funding, eligible recipients, and eligible activities, please see the fact sheets provided by Federal Highway Administration:

FAST Act Surface Transportation Block Grant Program Fact Sheet

From Application to Construction:

STP funding for local jurisdictions can have a vital impact on the region. Understanding the process from application to construction will help insure projects are completed in a timely manner and federal guidelines are followed. The WMPO staff serves as a facilitator during the process. The project agreement is ultimately with NCDOT and the local government agency (LGA). The chart below illustrates the process and the roles of each party involved in the application to construction process:





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