Get to Know WMPO

Get To Know WMPO

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is the regional transportation planning agency for the lower Cape Fear region of southeastern North Carolina. The WMPO facilitates a cooperative, comprehensive, and continuing transportation planning process that serves as the basis for the expenditure of all federal transportation funds in the area for streets, highways, bridges, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

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  • Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)

    The WMPO Board adopted NCDOT’s CTP in January 2016. The CTP represents the region’s consensus on the future transportation system (including the existing system and improvements) needed to support anticipated growth and development over a 25-30 year timeframe.

  • NCDOT Projects Update

    ¬†View NCDOT’s update on projects in our region.

  • Annual Report 2016

    Review¬†2016’s Annual Report for a glimpse at this past year’s achievements.

  • Nov 16 2016

  • November TCC Meeting

    10:00 am in the Lord Spencer Compton Conference Room at Wilmington City Hall

  • Nov 30 2016

  • November Board Meeting

    3:00 pm in the 6th Floor Conference Room at 320 Chestnut Street in downtown Wilmington.

  • Nov 30 2016

  • FY17 Applications Due

    The FY2017 Surface Transportation Block Grant Program and the Transportation Alternatives Set Aside grant applications are due to the WMPO staff by 5pm on November 30, 2016.

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Traffic Count Map

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization collects traffic counts on an annual basis. This map identifies locations and traffic count data for the WMPO planning area.


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Map of Average Daily Traffic counts from locations throughout Wilmington, NC

Latest Transportation Projects

Kerr Avenue Widening: Phase I (U-3338B)

This project will widen North & South Kerr Avenue between Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway and Patrick Avenue. The widened roadway will include four travel lanes, bicycle lanes, a landscaped median and and sidewalks. The bicycle lanes and sidewalks will be funded by the City of Wilmington.

Wrightsville Ave/Greenville Ave Intersection Improvements

The project consists of the construction of intersection re-alignment improvements at Wrightsville Avenue/Greenville Avenue including bike lanes and sidewalks along Greenville Avenue from Wrightsville Avenue to Hinton Avenue.

Leland Middle School Extension

The construction of 5 foot wide concrete sidewalk adjacent to Old Fayetteville Road from Ricefield Branch Road to the Hwy 74/76 overpass after Glendale Drive with connections to Leland Middle School and the surrounding neighborhoods.